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People generally buy RVs to do something. And that's . So when I look at a menu, I automatically filter it with my mental list of ingredients and.

Pearl Rattray of Rapid City. Most of his life was spent on various farms near Kalk She leaves two daughters, Mrs.

Davis my birthfather, He was about 19 years old when they dated. He and my mother JoAnn Poore dated in California in He and his father worked for one of the Elementary Schools in Bakersfield or Ridgecrest as caretak They moved to California in about Mike, Did any of your Harkey relatives move to California?

I reside in Huntington Beach, Ca. My e-mail address is Bevc21ca aol. I just wanted to clear Florenza was born in Mississ Barbara Chichester of Bakersfield , California ; four grandchildren; 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The family suggests that memorial be made to I have found out that my family is or was from around bakersfield california.

Born in Bakersfield , California , April 22, Mother's maiden name is either Pinheiro or Pinhiero, she is of Portuguese decent. Thanks for any info on the Byrams as I haven't been able to find very much.

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I am looking for my half sister. I found Rick, but he and Ardith have been divorced for 16 yrs and he doesn't know where she is. She is rem Funeral service The last time he heard anything of them , Paul was living in Bakersfield , California and Gladys was somewhere in South Carolina.

Historic Union Cemetery

He also told me that my grandmother had another si My parents lived in Bakersfield in While very young her family moved to the Los Angeles, California area, where she graduated from Inglewood High School. As a senior and after graduation she worke He was born in Indian territory, OK abt. His father was named silvester an mother was names susan. He had about 10 brothers and sister Any relatives of my grandfather Luther Lee Hurst.

He was Police officer in Bakersfield before the s. He was married to Farrar Bennett or Barlow. Iam also looking for information on th I am looking for my son born November 13th in Bakersfield California! Please contact me if you have any information! I will be waiting! Ryan Nicholas are his first names! I do not know his last.

They moved to California when Thomas was two in Our funeral directors will need to obtain detailed vital information for completing the death certificate. Certified copies of the death certificate are legal documents and are issued by the State of California. Photocopies are not considered legal documents. After the original certificate has been signed by the physician or medical examiner and all vital information completed by our funeral home, it is then filed with the Kern County Health Department.

During the funeral arrangement, we will ask you how many certified copies of the death certificate are needed. As part of our services, we will obtain certified copies on your behalf. Death Certificates can take up to two weeks from the date of burial or cremation. You may need a certified copy for the following:.

We are willing to send a courtesy notification to Social Security upon request. Once you receive the Death Certificate you can contact them to see if you are entitled to any benefits.

Kern County, California Genealogy Cemeteries

Cremation Process. Upon death, call Bakersfield Funeral Home offers immediate and comprehensive services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we receive your call, our professional staff will immediately start the process required for cremation to take place.

The following is a standard outline of the completed process. Ten Freedoms f or Creating a Meaningful Funeral. Meaningful funerals do not just happen.

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They are well-thought-out rituals that, at least for a day or two, demand your focus and your time. But the planning may feel less burdensome if you keep in mind that the energy you expend now to create a personalized, inclusive ceremony will help you, your family and other mourners embark on healthy, healing grief journeys. The following list is intended to empower you to create a funeral that will be meaningful to you and your family and friends.

Resources The Next Step… The following are some explanations of the necessary steps to take upon the death of a loved one. Cremation Process Upon death, call Family, friends or pertinent authority calls Bakersfield Funeral Home. Bakersfield Funeral Home removes the deceased from the home, hospital or other place of death and a unique ID is attached to the deceased. The deceased is placed in a refrigerated holding facility until the time of cremation. Bakersfield Funeral Home prepares the death certificate, disposition permit, and other necessary records and consults with the family or responsible party.

Family or friends contact Bakersfield Funeral Home to make financial arrangements, unless there was a paid Pre-Arrangement Plan in place. Bakersfield Funeral Home obtains the cause of death from the doctor or medical examiner and files it with the Kern County Health Department. Cremation takes place under the direction of our licensed, professional crematory staff and usually takes place three to five days after death.

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  7. All recoverable cremated remains are processed and placed in either a temporary or permanent urn and returned to the family. Wolfelt, Ph. You have the right to make use of ritual. The funeral ritual does more than acknowledge the death of someone loved.

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    It helps provide you with the support of caring people. It is a way for you and others who loved the person who died to say, "We mourn this death and we need each other during this painful time. You have the freedom to plan a funeral that will meet the unique needs of your family. While you may find comfort and meaning in traditional funeral ceremonies, you also have the right to create a ceremony that reflects the unique personality of your family and the person who died. Do not be afraid to add personal touches to even traditional funerals.