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To my abuser, When will I move on, when will I heal? When will your abuse stop feeling so real? When will it change? When will it stop? Will I ever climb this mountain will I ever reach the top? Why did you hurt me? Why did you put me through […]. The following article was submitted to JCW by a survivor of incest. JCW has been working to assist the survivor and her family. She asked that it be published anonymously. Growing up, I always felt something was off but I had no idea that I was being abused.

It was just life as I knew […]. The wedding was attended by ten people. The father of the girl was not in the country at the time of the wedding, and […]. New York passed a landmark law which extends the statute of limitations for child sex abuse, for both criminal and civil lawsuits.

Attorneys Irwin Zalkin and Alex Zalkin outline the practical implications of this law for victims when pursuing sexual abuse lawsuits. They share some of the opportunities this law has created for victims who […]. Police arrested a year-old resident in Nahariya on suspicion of attempting to sexually assault a year-old girl. Once inside he kissed the girl and told her he would return later that evening. The mother documented the suspect returning to the […].

Sexual abuse cases in Brooklyn's Haredi community - Wikipedia

After a lengthy and thorough investigation, JCW has determined that we must warn the community of serious and credible allegations against Raphael Avraham Avrumi Weiss of molestation, rape and attempted rape, involving multiple male and female minors. JCW staff members have interviewed numerous parties, including alleged victims, mental health professionals, family members and friends of […]. The allegation that Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman used his position to help obtain a false psychiatric report in order to help Malka Leifer avoid extradition to Australia is shocking but unfortunately not at all surprising.

A year-old haredi Gush Etzion resident was arrested following a report that his son exhibited signs of years of physical abuse. During the interrogation, the police uncovered that the man would handcuff the hands and feet of his son, and beat and choked him until he bled. Following his arrest, a number of additional complaints […]. SVU detectives are urging anyone who has information or who has been hurt by this man to call Detective Lavin of the Special Victims Unit at or If you are in […]. JCW exposed Hecht on the Wall of Shame years ago after multiple victims came forward with serious and credible allegations of sexual abuse.

In June , JCW shared information about the release of Daniel Sunray from an Israeli prison, where he had completed a six-year sentence for molesting and raping six children. Both have a hierarchy and an infrastructure built around the idea that they are responsible for policing themselves. And both are deeply suspicious of the outside world and its values. Catholic and Orthodox officials even joined forces last year to block a bill in the New York State legislature that would have temporarily lifted the statute of limitations on abuse claims.

N.Y. Orthodox Jewish counselor gets 103 years for sex abuse

But the similarities end there. This means that the success of initiatives to hunt down abusers in the Orthodox community ultimately rests with the rabbis. And if the recent case of Yosef Kolko, a year-old Orthodox schoolteacher, is any guide, the Orthodox world still has a long way to go. Kolko, of New Jersey, pleaded not guilty earlier this year to charges that he sexually abused a boy at a Jewish summer camp.

Historically, abuse victims and their families have often been urged—and then bribed or threatened—not to go to the police. Simply speaking out can have terrible consequences. Last year, Yehoshua Finkelstein, a year-old abuse victim from the Orthodox enclave of Lakewood, New Jersey, died of an overdose in an apparent suicide.

N.Y. ultra-Orthodox Jewish Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse, in 'He Said,' 'She Said' Trial

They published the letter online, reigniting the debate over abuse. Shortly afterwards, their house was destroyed in a suspected arson attack. The boy who now claims to have been abused by Yosef Kolko also comes from Lakewood.

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Luban has since been charged with witness tampering and faces up to five years in prison. Meanwhile, nine leading Lakewood rabbis issued a proclamation telling followers that if they suspect a case of abuse they must go to a religious court, known as a beth din , before alerting the secular authorities.


Typically comprised of three rabbis, they rule on family and business disputes such as divorce, inheritance, and contractual disagreements. Small Jewish communities usually have a single beth din while larger communities, like those found in New York and New Jersey, may have many. These include beth dins that specialize in sexual abuse, though they are few; Rabbi Basil Herring, executive vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America, says there are probably no more than two or three in the country.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, beth din rabbis are often reluctant to speak about their work. Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, says that a beth din that investigates sexual abuse is usually comprised of rabbis with some knowledge or experience of abuse cases. They may also enlist the services of a consultant, such as a mental health professional or an attorney.

Says Rabbi Weinreb. Rabbi Weinreb says that the Orthodox Union does not have an official policy on reporting sexual abuse.

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Instead, it directs people to the Rabbinical Council of America, which adopted a resolution earlier this year stating that informing the secular authorities does not violate Jewish law. Nevertheless, as long as some community leaders insist that the beth din must be informed first, it will remain a route that many religious families take.