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There's another great utility called Speccy , which comes from Piriform, the makers of the popular CCleaner app. You can download Speccy here. If you want to go a bit more old school, you can always find out your motherboard model via the command prompt using the Windows instrumentation Command-line WMIC. Then type:. As you would expect, this displays the board manufacturer, its model number, version, and, if available, the serial number.

Find Your Motherboard Brand and Model - TechSpot

Useful if you've got an old motherboard lying around but have lost the box. Virtually all modern mobos have the model number silkscreened somewhere on the board. Though on some older mobos this may be obscured by components, requiring a bit of leg work.

Identifying through Windows or another utility

Alternatively, it may be printed on a piece of attached paper, and don't be surprised if the manufacturer's name doesn't appear on some boards. Once you find your motherboard number, you may want to update your drivers. Just head over to our library of driver downloads to find your make and model. Native Method Probably the quickest and easiest way to discover your motherboard model is by using Windows' own System Information utility.

User Comments: 9 Got something to say? Post a comment. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Based on that, the motherboard is the crucial hardware components of your machine. As a human, every motherboard has own name called model name. There are different tools which can help you to find motherboard model. One of the easiest methods is to use tools which are already integrated into Windows. Also, there are third party tools which will help you to determine motherboard model.

Why should you need motherboard model? If you reinstalled your operating system, you will need to install motherboard drivers.

Step 1: Visual Definition of the Model and Manufacturer of the Motherboard

You can not do it if you do not know your motherboard model. Also, if you want to upgrade your motherboard, you will need to check does motherboard support upgrade of hardware components. Next, in case your motherboard stopped to work due to hardware problems, you will need to replace it, but before that, you will need to know motherboard number. These tools are mostly used by end users and IT Administrators.

  • Step 2: How to Identify Motherboard Using System Information?
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After you read the article, you will not need to search for another tool on the Internet. The easiest method to do something on Windows is by using applications or tool which are integrated into Windows. That means you do not need to download and run some applications and tools from the Internet.

One of them is powerful Command Prompt which we used so many times in previous articles. In this method, we will show you how to find motherboard model by using Command Prompt on Windows 10 Pro. In this method, we will show you how to determine computer or notebook motherboard using tool System Information which is integrated into Windows, too.

find motherboard name & model

System Information is available since Windows 98, until now. Except for information about your motherboard, you can find so many details about your hardware components and operating system. There are few ways how can you run System Information, but we will show you one method which is compatible will all operating systems.

In this method, we are using notebook Dell Vostro and Windows 10 Pro. Speccy is the third party software developed by company Piriform. It provides details about your computer or notebook. Except for motherboard model, you can find all details about your machine.

How to check your Motherboard's Model Number(Sai Computer)

This tool is not integrated into Windows, and you will need to download it from the Internet.