The Athens-Clarke County Police Department has received two complaints today from concerned citizens who have received suspicious calls.

He said he had court documents concerning her and needed an email address so he could send them to her. She gave him an address and when she received the documents, it was an arrest warrant signed by a local judge. A short time later the suspect called back and told her to send a certain amount of money on different cards. In the second incident, the victim received a similar call involving jury duty.

The victim was directed by "Officer Parker" to secure an amount of money and wire it to them and they would take care of the "warrant. Another common scam involves a call that a relative has been arrested and needs money sent to get them out of jail. Sometimes the caller will have a person get on the line and pretend to be the relative. If this type call is received, hang up and call the relative at their number to verify if they are actually in need of your assistance.

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Always remember - never give out personal information date of birth, bank or credit card information, etc. Never let a stranger know you are home alone, when you will be away, or if you have an alarm system.

No subpoena shall issue unless a case has been filed in the above mentioned courts. If the conveyance document presented for recording contains all of the necessary information and is attested, the conveyance document will constitute compliance with the provisions of the Act and the filing and submitting of the form will not be required. However, in order for the form to not be required, the following information MUST be on the document: grantor AND grantees names and mailing addresses, the physical address of the property being conveyed, the actual purchase price paid or the actual value of the property being conveyed.

Our office will record the form as part of the instrument recording, so please note that an additional page will be included in all filing fees when utilizing the form provided by the Department of Revenue. This will be required of ALL deeds recorded with mortgages as well as deeds, etc. The form will be required to show that the mortgage covered the purchase price of the property and that no deed tax would be due on the filing of the deed.

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If the purchase price is over and above the mortgage amount, deed tax will be due on the difference between the purchase price and the amount financed through the mortgage. Click here to download the RT-1 pdf. If minerals are producing, then deed tax must be paid on value of minerals conveyed. If minerals are not producing, then the mineral tax is paid and the minimum amount for deed tax is due, unless there was a consideration paid for the mineral, in which event you would use the deed tax amount based on the consideration paid.

The UCC must have a description of the real estate. All other filings are solely with the Office of Secretary of State. Percentage sheet and calculation forms are available upon request from clerks.

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Click here for more information. The office of Notary Public is a serious and responsible public office and should not be taken lightly. Abuse of the office or irresponsibility in the performance of notarial duties can result in grave consequences. If a Notary Public has doubts about the propriety of any action, he or she should seek competent professional advice before he or she acts. Click here to Download the Notary Application pdf. Box 10 Grove Hill, AL Grove Hill Area Chamber of Commerce www. Grove Hill Arts Council www. Thomasville Times Newspaper www.

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