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Felony Conviction Disabilities in Ohio

It is recommended you contact us as soon as possible to avoid your record being collected into private databases, which cannot be expunged. Ohio's New expungement law for convictions is found in Section There are related sections which will also be reviewed in this article. If your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, you may apply for an expungement immediately, regardless of the type of case.

Like the old law, a person convicted of one felony can apply after three years from completion of the sentence including probation and the payment of fines, court costs, and restitution. Under Ohio's New Expungement Law, if convicted of three, four, or five felonies, the person must wait 5 years. Another change under Ohio's new Expungement Law is that a person can apply to seal an unlimited number of misdemeanors, after waiting one year from the end of probation and the payment of fines, court costs, and restitution.

There are specific rules related to firearm offenses as well. Contact us for more information or read the statute here. Your Name required.

Criminal Record Expungement Eligibility Guidelines

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Message to the Attorney required. Please prove you are human by selecting the Tree. No government agency will call or email you and request payment in the form of wire transfers or gift cards. Read More May 15 Ask the Attorney for Free Advice May 15th, During the two hour period, you can ask the attorney who answers any legal question at no cost. Most sex crimes, violent crimes, crimes that require a mandatory prison sentence, and high-level felonies are not eligible to be sealed.

If you have questions about expungeable offenses in Ohio, an experienced Ohio expungement attorney can help. We will also discuss the cost of expungement in Ohio and give you a straightforward explanation of expungement costs paid to the court and the cost of our attorneys' services.

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We offer initial consultations about expunging criminal records in Hamilton and Butler counties, so call us at or contact us online. Erasing a conviction from your criminal history can open up many doors, but it is crucial for you to follow all the steps. To convince the court that you are rehabilitated and deserving of an expungement, you need to assemble a compelling motion to seal the record. You may have to appear in court or at least have an attorney appear on your behalf.

Law change gives more felons clean slate - News - Akron Beacon Journal - Akron, OH

Be prepared. The prosecutor will be notified and may argue against your motion to expunge.

With so much on the line, it is important for you to choose a reputable criminal defense attorney experienced in misdemeanor and felony expungement cases. If you need help with an expungement in Warren, Hamilton or Butler counties, contact us for a consultation.

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  • Expunging a Conviction or Sealing a Record in Ohio | LegalMatch.
  • No Charges Filed — Rape Accusation Our client was accused of rape after a friendship he had with a woman turned romantic. After a night of drinking and sex in downtown Cincinnati, the woman claimed she was forcibly raped. The woman had often expressed guilt when flirting with our client because of having a boyfriend He was charged with Making False Alarms.

    The prosecutor refused any reduction, so Steve Kilburn filed a motion to dismiss that was ultimately granted by the Court Not Guilty Verdict — Theft Our client was charged with theft after she mistakenly accepted a package from UPS that was addressed to a neighbor. Nicholas Graman successfully showed that UPS had delivered the package to the incorrect address and that our client accepted the package without knowing it was not hers Not Guilty Verdict — Gross Sexual Imposition A juvenile was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with another juvenile in a basement after school.

    Expungement Definitions and Types

    During trial, Charlie M. Rittgers successfully demonstrated Not Guilty Verdict - Underage Possession and Consumption After being found in a bathroom with her highly intoxicated friend, our client admitted to drinking when she was questioned by the police. Despite her admission to consuming alcohol, attorney Nicholas Graman successfully argued that there was no proof the consumption occurred She submitted to standardized field sobriety tests and provided a breath sample.

    Her BrAC registered 0. Through plea negotiations, Charles M. Rittgers was able to facilitate Call us anytime to secure your consultation with one of our award-winning lawyers.