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Many law-abiding citizens have criminal records that affect them later in life. Rights Restoration is the flip side of the criminal justice system. It allows people to get their rights back. Rights Restoration changes lives immediately.

Protect Your Future From Underage Drinking Charges

New housing and job opportunities open up. Your rights are restored. Setting aside a conviction erases it from your background check. It is available for many felonies and misdemeanors alike, especially marijuana crimes and many drug crimes. It is also available for most non-traffic misdemeanor convictions and Class C felonies. Arrests that did not result in a conviction can also usually be set aside. Firearm Rights Restoration An Oregon judge can restore a person's Oregon firearm rights when they prove they are not a danger to themselves or others.

Read more about rights restoration options on our website, or ask one of our attorneys.

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Lohrke Law is a small law firm with a big reach. We help rights restoration clients all over Oregon. Because of our statewide practice, we are able to offer a premium service for a competitive price. We work hard to be efficient and keep our costs down. We are experienced at digging into court archives to find old records. With thorough research we save clients money by avoiding needless legal work or missing important information that affects cases.

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There is no cost for an initial consultation. During a phone consultation with an attorney we are usually able to determine eligibility and cost. One of the best attorneys in town hands down Jesse Lohrke is one of the best attorneys in town hands down. He represented my case accordingly and proved to the DA and the judge that there was circumstantial evidence of my innocence.

Jesse Lohrke.. Jesse Lohrke cares. Thanks Jesse Lohrke.

Lohrke did a fantastic job of representing me. His initial recommendations to me were fair and suitable to my situation. When I explained to him my specific needs and the extenuating circumstances he went to bat for me tirelessly. It took a while and he never slowed down or suggested to me that I needed to compromise. I give Mr. Lohrke my highest recommendation and I believe you are in very good hands if he is representing you.

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I enjoy Jesse and his wife very helpful people hands down the best attorney. Thank you Jesse and Elizabeth for all your both help. I moved to Oregon 7 months ago and came to Oregon at the age of 53yrs old, And i was an avid bowhunter but due to some disabilities i have a very hard time bow hunting , so i seen an add that said get your Gun rights Back to which i never thought would happen, but I hired Jesse and his Law firm and six months later i received my Gun rights back here in Oregon so now im able to Own and buy guns Now i cant wait to go hunting with my son with a rifle for the first time ever Thank you very Much Jesse.

Jesse is the best at what he does I know I could trust him if my life depended on it he takes pride at what he does and when you meet him you know he genuinely cares about your situation. I was going to spend the next two years of my life in prison! I called Jesse and he intervened on my behalf. He traveled miles round trip to represent me on court appearances. He sent people to search the archives in Multnomah County to disprove my past criminal history.

He offered positive suggestions on things I could do to help myself, which I was more than happy to do. I came to Jesse because I was trying to get a better job and I was concerned that I would be discriminated against because of my criminal record.

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He quickly researched the relevant facts and informed me. He then introduced me to an exciting specialty of his: reducing felony charges to misdemeanors, restoring gun rights, and expunging criminal records entirely. Therefore, it is critically important that you retain an experienced defense attorney if you or your child are facing an underage drinking charge. We may be able to help you avoid the high fines and collateral consequences that could result from a conviction.

Although the underage drinking statute is fairly straight-forward, you should not automatically assume that there are no defenses to underage drinking and that you are going to lose your driver's license. First, there are often pre-trial diversionary programs available to minors who are charged with this summary offense. Depending on the case, our criminal lawyers may be able to negotiate with the prosecution a client to be admitted into a pre-trial diversionary program and avoid a conviction.

Second, just as with any other offense, the government must prove that the defendant committed the crime of underage drinking beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, if a diversionary program is not an option or not advisable, our lawyers will closely work with you to determine whether there are potential defenses at trial such as the credibility of the government's witnesses or the sufficiency of the evidence. Our criminal defense lawyers are well-versed in challenging the Commonwealth's evidence even in summary cases.

What Are The Potential Penalties You Face?

In some cases, we may even be able to challenge whether the police followed the law when detaining and investigating the client. If they did not, the evidence or case could be thrown out. Most importantly, we will fight to protect your record and driver's license from underage drinking charges. If you are facing charges for underage drinking in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you should speak with a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer.

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