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Nassau County, New York Genealogy

Search by name, birth year, death year, cemetery or memorial number. Search this ancestry. The file contains over 89 million records of deaths reported to SSA in connection with the filing for death benefits by a family member. Find public records by category Select a different public record category below to view all online resources for that category.

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You will first need to find the certificate number from the index in this database, and identify the FHL film number from the familysearch. Certificate numbering starts over each year; so you will need to know the certificate number , the year and the county. This format was not used in all years.

Another indication that an event was recorded in the following year is a low certificate number for a month in the later part of the year. For example, if the event took place in December and the certificate number is , it probably was recorded the following year. The letter does not appear on the certificate.

Long Island NY Death Records

It's an indication to the Municipal Archives staff that they may have to do some other digging to find the right person. This index was accomplished by scanning the original printed index books and required no typing. Bob devoted most of his waking hours to scanning and formatting the data into an OCR program. Please note that the Surname e. Last Name is a required entry field. But since exact spellings are not always known, to aid your search we offer three different ways to specify Surnames You can just enter the fist few letters of a First Name; the search automatically adds a wild card to the end of the First Name.

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For whichever of the above surname search options you would like to use, simply select the appropriate radio button option below the input field on the form. Although the additional form fields are optional, providing as much information as you can helps narrow your search. The more specific your search, the less time you need spend scrolling through search results!

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