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These sentences are less than 90 days.

Lake City inmate found dead in his cell | WPDE

State Inmates: State inmates are individuals serving on sentences of more than 90 days, generated by general sessions court. Inmate Labor: All inmates are utilized as a labor source for the York County Public Works Department, as well as various other county departments. Where can I go to see if an individual is incarcerated at your facility?

Disturbing Images From South Carolina Department of Corrections! (Part 1)

How would I mail an inmate housed at the York County Prison? Who may visit inmates at the Prison?

Video shows man left to die in South Carolina prison yard

Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may contact the Department of Corrections at or Neither the Department of Corrections, its officers or employees, nor the State of South Dakota assume any liability for the accuracy of information contained herein. Adult Corrections Offender Locator. Search Criteria Please enter your search criteria into one or more of the following fields:.

DOC Ex. DOC is required. Following an inmate on inmate altercation at Turbeville CI one inmate was killed and eight inmates were sent for offsite medical attention.

South Carolina's prison system, which has more than 20, inmates in 21 facilities, has been making the wrong kind of headlines in recent years. A riot last April at the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville was the largest riot in an American prison in 25 years.


Seven people were killed. There have been at least 21 murders in the past two years in South Carolina prisons, according to state data, and a reported 10 suicides just last year. Lawyers suing on behalf of the family members of the men who died in the Lee riot said the guards who were present during the riot have not been interviewed by investigators, leaving some families to wonder about the thoroughness of the investigation. The U.

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The office said it would be assisting with any prosecution, but that the case would be tried by a county prosecutor. Weeks after the riot at Lee, 14 South Carolina prison system guards were indicted for accepting bribes and bringing in contraband. Prison officials say to be safe, the system needs new corrections officers but can only hire more. He says the situation got worse when longer sentences went into effect, "Controlling that individual becomes very difficult because he has nothing to live for. One recently retired officer from the Lee Correctional Institute, who did not want to be identified, said that she's not even sure if more guards would make a difference, "Really, to be honest with you, I can't say if there were more [correctional officers] there that it would've prevented the problem there.

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As It Prepares For A Hurricane, South Carolina (Once Again) Does Not Evacuate A Prison

She said, "Inmates who are coming into the system now are very aggressive. And she said guards are often dangerously outnumbered, "There's sometimes one officer working two sides of a dorm and that's very dangerous. Lawyers suing the Department of Corrections say that before the Lee riot, most prison doors had individual keys instead of a more modern electronic locking system.

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Incident reports from the Turbeville Correctional Institution on the day that Capers died describe a chaotic and disturbing scene with "offenders running around with makeshift weapons, shanks, chair parts, fire extinguishers. The reports include testimony from a guard saying a confidential informant told him the name of someone who might have started the violence, but do not say that the individual attacked Capers, and indicate prison officials confiscated what they believe to be the murder weapon.

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The reports also show that all of Capers' belonging were stolen after his death. Prison officials say an investigation into Capers' death is ongoing and the incident has been turned over for disciplinary review. Bryan Stirling, director of the state's Department of Corrections, said that the video of Capers' death was disturbing to watch, and that the prison should have done a better job of helping the injured prisoner.