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There is a second gate keeper's lodge at one of the two entrances on The Northern Road. All are set in a magnificent rural landscape, including a large dam between the hilltop and the road. There is another water feature to the west. The main homestead enjoys scenic views, east over Lowes and South Creek. Main Building: Large early colonial style house laid out on a rectangular plan.

Despite gothic chimneys and classical verandah posts, overall styling is more traditional Australian Georgian. Stone rubble construction with stuccoed, ashlar finish and stone quoining now painted. Hipped, galvanised iron roof with sandstone chimneys. Skillion verandah on eastern and northern frontages with return to southern side. Supported by tuscan timber columns.

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A series of shuttered french doors open onto the stone flagged verandah. The main door features sidelights and skylights. Overall, simply but neatly styled with restrained detailing.

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The interior features are hexagonal skylight over the central hallway. The building is connected to an earlier residence at the rear west , by the northern verandah. Domestic Outbuildings: There are four early structures at the rear west side of the main building. Three are connected to the main house, and each other, by verandahs. The largest of the three is rectangular in plan with a hipped corrugated iron roof. Has a simple skillion verandah with stop chamfered posts.

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Stuccoed walls. Doors and windows not original. Connected at the south west corner is a smaller sandstock brick structure, probably the original cookhouse.

It has a hipped iron roof and skillion verandah. Connected to it in turn is the octagonal former meatroom. The fourth structure stands separately. It is rectangular, gabled building with vertical proportioning. Walls are of vertical boarding with a roof of corrugated iron.

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Detached Kitchen: Sandstock brick structure with corrugated iron hip roof and verandah. It has two front doorways and long rectangular windows. There are two separate rooms, one is a kitchen and the other is a laundry. There are two chimneys, a brick one at the back and an iron one at the front. The kitchen is connected to the homestead by a verandah and enclosed within a courtyard complex. Meathouse: An octagonal meathouse that is built from vertical weatherboards, with a conical roof, clad with corrugated iron and u-shaped gutters. It has a rectangular window with french shutters.

It is connected to the detached kitchen by a rectangular weatherboard room. The meathouse is now used as a garden pavilion. Workshop: A rectangular vertical weatherboard building which faces the courtyard area containing the detached kitchen. It has a gabled roof with plain bargeboards and vents. The building has a number of rooms and an upper floor. The building is currently used for storing tools.

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Guest-house: A coursed rubble building with vermiculated stone quoins and stone sills. It has a hip end roof, clad with corrugated iron and a stone chimney. At the southern end of this building is a later addition constructed from ashlar masonry with a hipped roof. The early structure has two multi-paned windows. The two structures are joined together by a shallow gabled roof structure which is disguised behind french doors.

The latest structure has a projecting bay window at the southern end. This building is used currently as a guest-house. Upper Gate-house: Gothic style gate-house with gabled roof built from ashlar sandstone with rock faced quoins and windows and stone sills. The front has a projecting gabled roof porch with decorated bargeboard. There is a scrolled string coursing around the entire structure.

The front has two multi-paned windows. There are three intact chimeny pots visible from the rear. At one end of the gate-house is a gabled weatherboard addition. A few metres to the south west of this building are timber entrance posts and a section of picket fencing, denoting an entrance to the estate.

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Winery Group: There are two stone coursed rubble buildings with stone lintels, sills and quoins. They are located behind the homestead to the north west, on the hill slope. Wine was produced in one building and stored in the other. Wine Store: A long rectangular building with random rubble and stone quoins, lintels and sills.

It has a gable roof, clad with corrugated iron. The roofing support are very long round posts which in the eastern wall rest on stone piers raised above the height of the wall. The western wall has a semi circular arch entrance with mortared stones and two windows on either side. The south end has a double entrance gate. There is a stone lined path running from this building up to the winery.

Winery: Double gable, random rubble stone building with stone quoins, lintels and sills. The front has a double opening door and two six paned windows. The rear of the building is two storeys high, to compensate for the slope of the hill. You will need to provide an adequate description of the public record including a name and address or the type and location the location MUST be the county, book, and page of the public record. If you have any questions about the location of the public record, please contact Drew Furletti, Manager of the Land Records Department at Andrew.

Furletti mdcourts. Approximately one month after your settlement date, you should have received your original recorded deed. If, however, you have not received your original deed then you need to contact your lawyer or your title company to obtain your original deed. You can only obtain a copy of your deed from Land Records as the Land Record Department does not keep original deeds. This course takes you on a golf journey from its opening holes that are nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, to its spectacular back nine with scenic views of the Appalachian Mountains. Your local connection to hundreds of destinations!

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