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People generally buy RVs to do something. And that's . So when I look at a menu, I automatically filter it with my mental list of ingredients and.

Yee and Papan said they would work with phone companies to split the White Pages from the Yellow Pages in cases in which they are combined.

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If California were to pass the legislation, it would become the largest jurisdiction in the country to restrict the White Pages. In some of those areas, the opt-in rate is as low as 1 percent, according to Yee's office.

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Since , California law has required phone service providers to deliver the White Pages to the address of each residential and commercial landline. Some local and state legislators, however, say the phone books are costly and wasteful in the Internet age. Instead, they support an opt-in measure in which customers would have to choose to receive the White Pages. Greenhouse gases reduced by three times when phone book not produced, versus recycled. Sources: Staff for state Sen.


Environmental Protection Agency , WhitePages. San Francisco phone books. Photo: Russell Yip, The Chronicle. Caption Close.

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White Pages by the numbers: million directories distributed each year in the United States. Most Popular.

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