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People generally buy RVs to do something. And that's . So when I look at a menu, I automatically filter it with my mental list of ingredients and.

First she had to prove that she had "perfect penmanship," which somehow did not include cursive, because "we got complaints that their children couldn't read cursive anymore. Murray, could read this. We told you cursive was BS, you old bag. Writing fake letters from Santa is a heartwarming gig for a decent person, but it's also a Even if we review every letter and we don't mail it directly to them, we get their envelopes and we'll have their return addresses.

You can't have a person like that talking to children through a fake name, even in a niche business like ours. Santa is basically God to little kids.

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In fact, he's better than God, because God doesn't give you free Legos. And that means kids will beg Santa aka Sharon for some incredibly sad things. There are almost never additional details, but it doesn't help. There are always a few dozen each year like it. They think Santa can bring them something to be whole again.

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The standard response is "Only your mother and father are in charge of that. The dad opened the letter first, and he called and let our manager have it.

It's why we need to type before what we're going to write and have it approved. Sharon did let us in on a little secret: Having a sibling die apparently guarantees you a spot on the nice list. It's not much, but it's something good in their lives at a time like that. Hey, there's a reason suicide peaks around the Yuletide season, and we're not even done yet. And they ask for parents.

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A few years, I answered letters that pleaded for parents. I called my boss and he said the buck stopped with me, and when I read it, I understood why. He wanted [his] parents -- who had 'hit him' -- back for Christmas. What do you even say to a kid in that situation? Santa can't call an abused child's estranged parents garbage people, however correct that might be.

You can't promise them back, and you can't promise a new, more loving family. What you can say is that adults need to work on it themselves, but Santa will do everything he can to make it a better Christmas. For that letter, we actually called his foster home and asked what he'd be getting so that we would know that we wouldn't lie with that. That led to a conversation with the foster parent about what really happened. It was ten times A significant number of children seem to think that Santa can raise the dead.

We're not really sure how that rumor got started to us, he was always just the fat dude who broke into houses with a bag full of toys. But Sharon deals with a lot of requests for resurrections.

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For them, we give a 'We can't bring them back, but if you remember them, then they're never truly gone,' which is a really sweet thing to say that parents have complimented us on before. A lot of kids ask Santa to give them a baby brother or sister and we desperately hope they simply don't know how that whole process works yet. Sharon had one story that gave us hope for the future of race relations in America: "The best I got was a letter from a five-year-old who stipulated 'White or black is fine,' but just 'please make them like wrestling.

There is an actual town called North Pole, Alaska. It even has an adorable sign you can take pictures with:. The town itself doesn't look all that Christmassy, and it has kind of a meth problem , like the rest of Alaska. But little kids don't know that.

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So Sharon and her co-workers mail all their finished letters to North Pole, where they're re-mailed to their final recipients. This ensures that every letter from Santa carries a believable postmark. Sharon's company goes a step further in the name of Santa authenticity and spies on the kids. Wait, it's less creepy than it sounds! She and her co-workers communicate with parents and guardians via email to make sure they lock in a couple of personal details about the kid, so as to maintain the illusion of Santa's omniscience.

And then we say, 'I saw your fight with Tim Johnson. I'm disappointed in you, but I've seen all the good things you've done through the year. But those stories aren't all as mundane as a fight with Tim Johnson, who knows damn well what he did. We asked for any personal stories to make it more genuine, and they told us how their child drowned two of his pet mice.

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We asked, 'Oh, by accident? We didn't think Santa would condone small animal torture and murder, so we had to ask for another story. I was stuck with writing him a letter on how he would be on the good list, and I worded one of my sentences, 'I'm not pleased at how you treat others who are perhaps smaller and weaker than you,' but that's as far as I went. Well, no. I left it open as to if he was on the naughty or nice list.

I hope he got the message. Now, that proto-serial-killer's parents didn't ask that their kid be put on the naughty list. But that is something parents can request from Sharon's company. They only seem to do it for really dumb reasons, though. Like the child who threw their brother down the stairs was still going on the nice list, but some of the 'naughty' children didn't help with chores, or simply forgot to do something and their parents were doing this to them.

Canonically, Santa is an immortal being who knows all your sins and failures. So if you're a true believer, there's no point in lying to him. As a result, Sharon reads a lot of confessionals from children. Anyway, some confessions aren't nearly as cute. I've gotten ambiguous phrases like 'Please get mommy something nice after what daddy did to her. Did her dad hit her mom? Was it a divorce? Was it a playful kiss or hug she misinterpreted?

We don't know, so we need to respond with something like 'Your mother may like something nice from you, like a hug. There is a threshold of what we need to report, but it needs to be specific. We've never reached it, but it's there. But if you follow the links below Hire Santa will be able to monitor your progress and have access to your information much quicker. This will reduce the amount of time and effort on your part as well as ours!

To get started please click on the Clearstar Logistics logo below. Once you have completed it, you will be need to come back to this page and apply for the insurance policy.

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