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Handling the financial and medical affairs of an incapacitated family member, stepping in to assist a child in need, or dealing with the loss of a loved one and his or her estate, all take time and attention. If you take on these duties and obligations, you need to make sure you have the proper court documents to allow you to do so. We are here to help you with these tasks and to make sure you are empowered to act. Adoption allows many children to find the right home and the future they deserve and gives people the chance to begin or expand their families.

Adoption places the best interests of the child above everyone else's.

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With an experienced attorney, adoption protects the rights of birth parents, adoptive parents and children. We strive to protect your interests in matters of civil litigation. Whether you need representation for contracts, employment litigation matters, estate, trust, real estate, probate, commercial, or other areas of civil litigation, we understand the details and care about giving you fair representation.

If the government is threatens to take your children, or your ex-spouse is using the government for leverage in your divorce, or DHS tries to take action against your business, you need someone who can take them on. DHS and the government have power, but it is not unlimited power - you need an attorney who can step in and fight back. An experienced attorney can help minimize that impact through expungement. This can allow you to get and keep your life on track. Our location is easily accessible from anywhere in central Oklahoma and we are ready to serve your family today.

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Main St. Norman, OK Email: tracy schumacherstanley. Read Our Story.

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Norman Oklahoma Vintage Images of Norman. Our Services We use our expertise to give your family the representation you desrve. Criminal Law The outcome of a criminal case can follow you for decades, affecting your privileges, job opportunities and relationship with your family. PROBATES and Guardianships Handling the financial and medical affairs of an incapacitated family member, stepping in to assist a child in need, or dealing with the loss of a loved one and his or her estate, all take time and attention.

Historic Norman Main Street in Norman. Their ages are from 14 to as old as you think you are No age limit. Both males and females. The common thread is childhood trauma and it's effects. My nursing background and counselor work in both mental health and substance abuse agencies have given me great preparation for private practice.

I have been in private practice for 15 years and like to work with adult individuals and couples. Jamie Leal Licensed Professional Counselor.

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Some of us adapt to it better than others. Being out of one's comfort zone is a sure sign that we are growing or about to grow! I love working with people who are brave enough to face the challenges that change brings whether it is change in age, relationship, job I see myself as a partner of my cients. My job is to make the transitions smooth and valuable. Thanks for the opportunity to accompany you on your journey!

I completed a two-year, post-doctoral program in marriage and family therapy with Menningers. I also specialize in treating severe depression and anxiety disorders. But what is interesting is that we go through some type of change every moment, from a psychological, emotional or physical experience.

I believe that in order to deal with life changing events, we have to learn how to adapt in a manner that provides the least amount of discomfort. And because we are unique, there are no perfect therapeutic techniques or procedures that makes us change. If the desire to change is present, either from an internal or external perspective, we have the ability to adapt.

It is my goal to offer my clients a safe environment in which they are able to explore, discuss, and modify their own challenges, beliefs, and reactions.

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It is my passion to help others realize their potential and achieve inner peace and psychological wellness through supportive therapy. My clients and I work together to derive powerful meaning from and effective solutions for their challenging experiences.

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No matter the circumstances in life, I believe we all have choices and ways to make meaning from our experiences. In therapy, I work with clients to establish a relationship based on trust, respect, and understanding. I help my clients to illuminate the choices that are available and process ways to find meaningful connections within themselves and in their relationships with others. I also help clients explore new perspectives on their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that might be limiting or in conflict with the life they want to live.

Life has its turbulences and no one can go through all the struggles that LIFE throws us alone. Every person needs someone who "gets it" and is committed to working in partnership with you to find short term answers, generate long term solutions and getting to a place of understanding and peace.

I have dedicated my life to helping people, children and adults, go through their LIFE's ups and downs without being drowned and getting to a place of acceptance and satisfaction. My goal as a therapist is to make the process as comfortable and easy as possible. We can work together to create a safe space so that you may be free to be yourself. Carl Rogers, an influential psychologist, believed that personal growth occurs within a genuine and accepting collaboration between the client and therapist.

My goal is to offer this collaboration for my clients through a safe, confidential, and accepting environment. I believe that a strength focused therapeutic relationship with defined goals will allow for insight and growth to occur. Luminous Therapy, Inc. My passion is to help you find an experience of your Self that is full of love, confidence and resiliancy; linking you to your strengths and repairing any outdated beliefs that keep you locked in an unhelpful self-image.

If you are feeling ready for change, I can help you with tools to release the past and manifest your dreams into reality.

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Laws-Rodriguez is an Oklahoma Native with an eclectic background in helping professions. He provides a caring and accepting environment in order to best serve your presenting needs and concerns. I focus on you and the best way to achieve your goals. I collaborate with each client to identify their specific challenges, values, and their sense of meaning and purpose.

I enjoy empowering clients to restructure and reframe their sense of self as well as create goals for their future. I help guide clients through the intricacies of relationships by developing stronger and happier connections by setting healthy boundaries and incorporating healthy self-care routines into their lives. It may leave you feeling like you are struggling and alone. You don't have to deal with this by yourself.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to help you to identify the strengths and resources you already have, as well as assist you with learning new skills that can help make life more manageable. We will work together, through the issues that are bringing you to therapy, as well as help you to feel more confident in having skills to deal with whatever may come.

I will meet you where ever you are. Refine Results Grief. Types of Therapy. Online Therapy. Online Counseling. See Nearest. Psychiatrists Treatment Centers Support Groups. Refine Results. Try expanding your search for Grief Therapists in Norman to a larger area e. Cleveland County , Oklahoma. Grief Bereavement, Loss, Mourning Therapists If you're looking for help with grief in Norman or for a Norman grief therapist, these professionals provide grief counseling and grief support. They include grief therapists, grief psychologists, grief psychotherapists and grief counselors.

They can help with grieving, grief stages, stages of grief and grief loss. If you're looking for help with grief therapy in Norman or for a Norman grief therapist, these professionals provide grief counseling and grief support.